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Sweeney 7 - On the Ropes

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Dillon Buck returns as D.I.Sweeney for one final episode and he's facing his old adversary Ross Hurston. Restrained and unable to resist, Sweeney submits to Ross's masterful mouth, his thick 10" cock throbbing as it's finally released from a sweaty jock and stiffening ever more as Ross works the length with his talented throat. He's straining to stop himself from cumming until finally freeing himself and pulling the hairy hunk down onto his cock - arse first. Ross of course loves riding the rock-hard piece of uncut meat and eagerly takes it deep inside his twitching, hot hole, milking Sweeney's dick for all he's worth. The harder Sweeney fucks, the more he loves it. The ending, of course, is explosive...